Logo Design

An amazing logo is the most important start to your business.  It is an investment in your company and beginning of your entire brand.  Your logo will be the single most visable image for your company, it will be everywhere you are and on everything you publish. For these reasons, a well-designed logo is an essential part of a succesfful business.

Logo design includes a 30 minute consultation to discuss your vision.  3 design concepts will be presented and from there you will choose your favorite and go through up to 2 rounds of revisions to get it perfect for you.

Yum Yum Fun Factory

Yum Yum Fun Factory Logo

Yum Yum Fun Factory is a business that caters to children’s parties and offers homemade cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones at events.  They needed a new look that was fun, bold, eye catching and a bit retro.

A note from the owner:

I’m excited, Thankful and grateful to Amanda Wittenborn for revamping and giving new life to my business! Simple yet vibrant changes this logo represents more of me! I am loving it! Thank you for all your work and your patience ! Your the best!  

~Tracy Harwell, owner yumyumfunfactory.com



A.M.M.O. is an event about Audience, Mindset, Marketing and Outcome. The owner uses the annology of working with guns to working on your business. The title of the main even is the AMMO event and so I tied in the theme of “hitting your ideal target client” by using the bullseye, and incorporated the bullet holes as periods to tie in the gun analogy the owner used throughout her course.

Passion Stones

Passion Stones

Passion Stones is a new company that was just started by a creative women who was making these stones as a hobby. She hand engraves words onto them and they have instantly taken off. The stones can have any custom word put on them and you tuck them in your pocket to be a reminder. For the logo she wanted it to be colorfula nd incorporate hand drawn hearts, the colors red and purple.

Sew Dear Designs

Sew Dear Designs Logo

Sew Dear Designs is a custom sewing company. When it came to her logo she wanted to make sure it included a vintage deer, and thread intertwining between the letters.

Out of the Box Branding

Our of the Box Branding logo

Out of the Box Branding is a new company Amanda has been toying around with. The domain is purchased and the logo is created. The name just really is the epitomy of Amanda and how the things she does are not the standard things out there. Completely new, never before seen ways to market yourself and your business, and that’s what this logo was created for. She’s not sure if she will keep her original company name or rebrand in the future, but she has the logo no matter what she decides to do.