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Have you been getting some good baby shower ideas??  Don’t forget to pin some of these ideas if you like them so you don’t forget about them!  I have some more things to share with you today!  First, I made these adorable baby prediction cards. I have this ragged piece of notebook paper…(Read More)

Today I thought I would share some more decorations, mainly the centerpieces.  These were really simple to make, they were lightweight and easy to set up!  And best of all, they looked really cool!  I got some tissue paper pom poms from the party store, they come in a pack of 3…(Read More)

The game I was most excited about was this candy game!  I bought a bunch of different candy and then there were clues that related to baby things and people had to guess which candy went with the clue.  None of them were really hard, some of them got laughs, some even got…(Read More)

Another fun game we played was this clothespin game!  Guests each got a pin clipped to a card that had the rules on it.  Basically the rules are you wear your pin and you can’t say the word “baby”  If you hear someone say it, you get to take their pin, if you say…(Read More)

So after seeing the prizes for the games I bet you want to know what games we played right?  Well one of my favorite shower games is Bingo.  It’s a great way to keep everyone interested while the guest of honor is opening gifts.  Usually we run out of prizes as…(Read More)

So another prize we made to give out for games was these mini jar candles.  Again stopped at the $1 store and picked up these cute jar candle for just $1. Now by themselves maybe nothing special, but with a cute wrapper on them to match the theme they were a hit!  They were really…(Read More)

One of the most popular items I made was the hand sanitizers!  We used these for prizes for some of the games, and they were a big hit! I tried to make sure we gave out practical and useful prizes, not just stuff people would throw away.  Hand sanitizers were a hit!  I just picked…(Read More)

My sister is expecting her first baby (and my first nephew!) early May, so it was time to throw her a baby shower!  Well if you have been following me for even a little bit of time, you know I love to throw themed parties, and I love to do things different from anything else…(Read More)

Baby Shower Bingo


I recently created a bingo card for my sisters bridal shower, and I thought I would create some for a baby shower as well. This game was a hit, and everyone LOVED the custom bingo cards that matched her wedding colors. Everyone gets a bingo card and takes a few minutes writing in items they…(Read More)